Balloon Care | Disclaimer

Piccolo Parties uses only the best quality balloons. However, due to the fragile nature of our balloon products, Piccolo Parties will not be held responsible for the condition of such items after they have been delivered/picked up/installed in good condition. This includes but not limited to: damage, leakage, burst, improperly handled/transported/stored items, exposure to heat or cool temperatures, exposure to outdoor elements, sharp edges items etc. Colours may differ online due to filters and edits.

Helium Balloon Care

Helium is sensitive to temperature changes. Cold air causes the helium to shrink, which makes the balloon appear to deflate, although it still may float. Avoid direct sunlight as helium expands, which may cause the balloons to burst. The same result may occur indoors if balloons are exposed to direct sunlight through windows. Balloons exposed to outdoor conditions will oxidize and clear balloons become cloudy quickly. Balloons will pop/deflate when it rains so always find a shelter.

Do not leave balloons in vehicles unattended.

​Keep balloons away from sharp objects, little hands and pets. Lights, paint textures, irregular surfaces and even static can all pop balloons. ​

Never inhale helium. Inhaling helium can result in loss of consciousness.


Uninflated or burst balloons can present a choking hazard and should never be left with children without supervision. Store balloons away from pets to ensure that they cannot get themselves tangled with balloon ribbons or accidentally ingest popped balloons or their decorative contents such as confetti, feathers, or other materials.

Piccolo Parties does not support balloon releases. At the end of a balloon's life, cut the end of the balloon with scissors to remove any air or balloon gas, then dispose of it in the bin. NEVER release balloons into the environment.

Balloons can Pop. Balloons are a perishable item, and should be treated as such. While we use the highest quality balloons and take every precaution necessary with your balloons to ensure they last through your event, once the balloons leave our door or we have left the venue, they are out of our control.

Helium balloon orders are recommended to be picked up the same day as your event to enjoy maximum float time. Average float time for helium balloons is 9-12 hours.